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Re: ESP-IDF 2.0

Postby madscientist_42 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:59 pm

For me, it's about knowing when to expect more of the promised functionality (that I've "groused" about previously :twisted: ) in the Silicon being exposed through the IDF. They claim a few things of the ESP32 that unless you have some enhanced IP licensing available to you, you're not going to be able to know if there's any other errata on the silicon or not- and you can't use the desired functionality. Some projects would call for BT Classic...and you can't DO that yet. Some projects call for their meshing solution...and you can't DO that yet...


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Re: ESP-IDF 2.0

Postby rudi ;-) » Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:38 am

nice, ESP-IDF v2.0 Release Candidate 2 online



Fix bug where hardware RNG could be disabled following a soft reset
Fix stack overflows in mDNS component

Wifi and BT

phy_init no longer re-writes already valid calibration data
Correctly enable/disable PHY when WiFi and/or BT are enabled/disabled
New menuconfig options to set WiFi, BT and Ethernet MAC addresses
Enable BLE advertising channel 39
BLE advertising data no longer truncated after 31st octet
Multiple BLE GATT and GATT table fixes
Allow BT Blufi to work with small MTU size
BT Blufi correctly resets security mode on state reset
DHCP client reliability improvements
WiFi RX performance
Fix WiFi sniffer behaviour
Enable AP A-MPDU RX interface
General WiFi layer fixes & optimisations
OpenSSL layer fixes for large writes, debugging output


Fix crash if cross-core interrupt sent with flash cache disabled
Fix issue where lower priority task can preempt other core
New xPortInIsrContext() function to check if CPU is in ISR


Disable flow control in L2 to L3 copy mode
Example documentation, add GPIO for PHY power control to example

Deep Sleep

Restore correct deep sleep consumption, fix power regression in v2.0-rc1


Honour "encrypted" flag in partition table
Fix OTA when flash encryption is enabled
OTA falls back to factory if the ota data partition is invalid
OTA verifies new app image before switching sources
Fix issue with stale cache reads when flash encryption is enabled
fopen() works in append mode
Fix spi_flash operation crashes in single core mode
sdmmc: Can set slot width when configuring slot


Partition table CSV can be an absolute path
Core dump documentation expanded, reliability fixes
menuconfig now works with gperf 3.1
Correct incremental builds when components added/removed

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