ESP-IDF: New memory allocator and FreeRTOS 10 preview

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ESP-IDF: New memory allocator and FreeRTOS 10 preview

Postby ESP_ulipe » Wed Apr 22, 2020 4:53 pm

Hi all, we are providing a preview branch of ESP-IDF which brings two new additions. First, a new memory allocator based on the TLSF algorithm that aims to provide faster, more predictable allocations/deallocations, and better heap fragmentation handling. The second addition is the FreeRTOS kernel based on the 10 version, the same used by AWS FreeRTOS, this kernel brings important improvements such as the Stream Buffers and Message Buffers API. The Espressif additions such as multicore were merged into this kernel.

In this preview branch, users can try these new features. We plan to use this preview period to collect users' experience, feedbacks, and issues. After this preview period, these feature will be merged into the master branch.

Please report any issues you observe on Github, mentioning that you are using feature/freertos_upstream_plus_tlsf_allocator_preview branch.

Major changes in this preview:
  • New memory allocator for heap component based on the TLSF algorithm
  • Nearly constant time malloc, free, realloc and memalign
  • Support for POSIX function memalign
  • FreeRTOS kernel bumped to version 10
  • Support for Message Buffer and Stream Buffers even in dual-core configurations.
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Re: ESP-IDF: New memory allocator and FreeRTOS 10 preview

Postby ESP_Angus » Fri Oct 16, 2020 4:15 am

Thanks everyone for your help testing this preview.

This support has been merged to master branch, and is planned for the ESP-IDF v4.3 release.

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