ESP32 - Espressif IoT Developer Framework - Preview

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ESP32 - Espressif IoT Developer Framework - Preview

Postby rudi ;-) » Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:53 pm

hi guys :)

Maybe it is to inform a little early, but the things are on github: so .. feel free ..
but read before this

it can change a lot still and it is not all.
there are no guarantees it,
but the main features are very easy to recognize.

it stands on solid foundations in.
The toolchain is as easy install to us.
brings a KMenu and many things go so easily from the hand in the configuration.
and much more. it looks to you to advance.

the team to espressif have done in recent weeks magnificent.
currently they do not want, although the preview in Whereas the public .....
please assume the code is work-in-progress and we'd appreciate it if it didn't get too much publicity yet.
but since it is on github, and i love "scavenger hunt" I can not resist - extra hinz iron on it.

:) :) :)

looking to the new "Espressif IoT Developer Framework" ,
it gives a very good indication where espressif want to take the SDK
named: esp-idf

there exists a template
named: esp32-idf-template

and the wifi libs
named: esp32-wifi-lib

in any case you must also looks the Open OCD for ESP32
named: openocd-esp32

"From the sewing box chatted":
ESP32 supports JTAG debugging -
on each developer board we have in future a FD2232 on all?
(Who knows more? developer board is esp32 launcher board ? )


best wishes
rudi ;-)

Hopefully I will not scold for this news
but john lee just in time hard working again
or because esp32 now published
he takes a rest from last hard working weeks
@john ( hope you know to handle this fun )
love it, change it or leave it.

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