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ESP32 code examples ..http, https and other on github 27 September 2016

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:19 pm
by rudi ;-)
hi guys

few hour before in time espressif team gives fine code goodies to us

there are several examples online since few hour

- hello world
Starts a FreeRTOS task to print "Hello World"

- blink
Starts a FreeRTOS task to blink an LED

- http-request
Uses a POSIX socket to make a very simple HTTP request.

- https-request
Uses a mbedTLS socket to make a very simple HTTPS request over a secure connection,
including verifying the server TLS certificate.

- ble_adv
This is a BLE advertising demo with virtual HCI interface.
Send Reset/ADV_PARAM/ADV_DATA/ADV_ENABLE HCI command for BLE advertising.

best wishes
rudi ;-)