ESP32-LyraT-mini with standard IDF examples

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ESP32-LyraT-mini with standard IDF examples

Postby Altivecer » Thu Jun 23, 2022 3:16 pm

Is anyone using the ESP32-LyraT-mini board?
I can get the ADF examples to build, but I’m beating my head against the wall with the normal IDF examples.
I got the storage->sd_card->sdmmc example to work by adding code to drive GPIO13 low.
I can’t get the protocols->http_server->file_serving example to work. I can’t get it to load the SD card.

How do I get the IDE to understand which board I'm using?
I'm using the IDF plugin in Eclipse

Here is the part of the log after it starts running main.

[0;32mI (527) example: Starting example[0m

[0;32mI (527) gpio: GPIO[13]| InputEn: 0| OutputEn: 1| OpenDrain: 0| Pullup: 0| Pulldown: 0| Intr:0 [0m

[0;32mI (557) example_mount: Initializing SD card[0m

[0;32mI (567) example_mount: Using SDMMC peripheral[0m

[0;31mE (567) vfs_fat_sdmmc: sdmmc_card_init failed (0x105).[0m

[0;31mE (567) example_mount: Failed to initialize the card (ESP_ERR_NOT_FOUND). Make sure SD card lines have pull-up resistors in place.[0m

ESP_ERROR_CHECK failed: esp_err_t 0x105 (ESP_ERR_NOT_FOUND) at 0x4008893c

file: “../main/main.c” line 59

func: app_main

expression: example_mount_storage(base_path)

abort() was called at PC 0x4008893f on core 0

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