EC11 rotary encoder Switch

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EC11 rotary encoder Switch

Postby newbie71 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:06 am


i am new in here, because i didn't found specific answer via searchengines for my esp32 project. Primary i am still working on the Hardware design for my project. I would like to use the EC11 rotary encoder switch, so far as i have evaluated the documentation,
therefore i can use the following gpio: EC11 pin-A -> esp32_gpio16, EC11 pin-B -> esp32_gpio17, EC11 pin-C-> GND, EC11_sw_pin1 ->GND,EC11_sw_pin2 ->esp32_gpio05. The question regarding the EC11 is now i want to prevent bouncing of the rotary encoder,
i know that i have to ways to do it

1.) to activate the internal pull-up ont the gpio's.
2.) to use external pull-up's resistors,

since the esp32 uses 3V3, what would be the recomended value for the external pullup-resistor ? Most people are using 10k ,
but my calculations based on that what i have read, are saying something about 2.7-3.3k depending onthe speed required for the rotary encoder. Also i would implement an ceramic or tantal capacitor with 10-100 pf.
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Also my project uses some omron µ-switches should i use there also some pullup ?

What would you recommend?

Kind regards from an noob

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Re: EC11 rotary encoder Switch

Postby newbie71 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:52 pm

Hi @ all,

i have solved the problem with an Hex Bounce Eliminator Chip MC14490P (DIP16),MC14490DWG (SOIC-16W). As an alternative also an Maxim max-6818 can be used. Both chips are suitable for 3.3 and 5V logik.
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Kind regards

from an noob

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