Very Poor WiFi/BLE Signal Strength

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Very Poor WiFi/BLE Signal Strength

Postby PotatoSauce » Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:16 pm

So for over a year now I have been developing and IOT solution for opening sliding windows in the rafters of a barn for ventilation. I have had so many issues and have slowly found solutions to my issues.

I have just designed a circuit board that I had created by JLC PCB because my first several prototypes made on copper dot boards had a ESP32 Devkit v1 in the middle of the board and after looking at ExpressIfs design guidelines I thought that having esp32 in the middle of the board was the issue with interference around the antena and not allowing the ESP32 to connect to the WiFi router.

Now with my new manufactured boards, following the layout guidelines, it connects to Wi-Fi with not very great strength which might work however, when it is in AP mode or running a BLE server the range is only about 5ft before the connection completely drops out.

Could someone please point me in the right direction or help me troubleshoot? I have been trying to figure out the signal issues for months now and I just want to get this installed and working.

Board Layout:
Schematic: Soldered Board Front: ... p=drivesdk Soldered Board Back: ... p=drivesdk

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