Getting OV2640 and ST7735S working.

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Getting OV2640 and ST7735S working.

Postby pogmem » Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:51 pm


I'm currently working on my digital camera project. I got SD card reader actually working but I need a little help with other peripherals.
ESP32 WiPy 3.0
ArduCAM mini 2MP OV2640 with SPI and I2C
Waveshare LCD TFT 1.8" 160x128 ST7735S
Common SD card reader.

I've tried Loboris ESP32_TFT_library but it don't work. Only backlit is working and showing white color, or on other pins it freezes at

Code: Select all

Display:ST7735B: PORTRAIT 128,160 Color

     Clear screen time: 15 ms
Send color buffer time: 129 us (128 pixels)
I'm not sure but there may be a difference in "B" and "S" revision in controller.

In spirit_master example it says:

Code: Select all

E (334) spi: spicommon_bus_initialize_io(191): sclk not valid
I've tried many pin combinations, but error still occurs.

Do you have any working libraries for my controller? Maybe I should write my own (I don't have much time :D).

Same with the OV2640. Do you have any working libs? Or maybe SPI lib that can fasten up work?

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