I2S: tx via PDM while rx from internal ADC

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I2S: tx via PDM while rx from internal ADC

Postby boborjan » Sat May 16, 2020 1:37 pm


ESP32 reference manual says it is only I2S0 that supports both PDM mode and internal adc/dac mode. I see from i2s_hal.c that if one selects I2S_MODE_PDM, it gets set for both RX and TX (in i2s_hal_config_param()).
My question is: even though current IDF does not support it, is it possible to have PDM audio out and internal-ADC audio in? I mean does the hardware support it if I implement the code it needs? (It would be trivial to use different I2S controllers if I2S1 supported PDM)

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