ESP-IDF A2DP sink stuttering

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ESP-IDF A2DP sink stuttering

Postby The_YongGrand » Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:14 am

Hello guys,

I have used the latest ESP-IDF and compiled that A2DP sink example, then flashed into the Esp32 board as usual. It is connected to a pcm5102 audio DAC.

However when I pair it with my Redmi phone, the sound stuttered badly with the volume control on my phone kept moving up and down as though it's nobody's business. I searched around the Google and here for this but couldn't get any similar issues.

Here's the basic setup I used:
- latest ESP-IDF
- gravitech Esp32 board (vanilla Esp32 without anything extra)
- 160mhz (could it be this problem?)
- optimisations are all default

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