Simple question regarding the avrc passthrough command

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Simple question regarding the avrc passthrough command

Postby agualuso » Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:21 pm

I'm using the a2dp_sink example and i want to do simple button tasks like pausing, increasing/decreasing the volume and so on.
Im using esp_avrc_ct_send_passthrough_cmd() inside of a task. The problem is that the passthrough command doesn't do anything, when i make monitor and click the button the task executes but it doesn't do anything. I get this: RCCT: AVRC passthrough rsp: key_code 0x46, key_state 0

This is the task code:

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static void pause_task(void* arg) {
	uint32_t io_num;
		for(;;) {
		     if(xQueueReceive(gpio_evt_queue, &io_num, portMAX_DELAY)){
				esp_avrc_ct_send_passthrough_cmd(0,ESP_AVRC_PT_CMD_PAUSE ,ESP_AVRC_PT_CMD_STATE_PRESSED);
Am i using the command in the wrong way or is the task incorrectly made ?

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