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Request: Extend "esp_bt_gap_register_callback" related functions to include context like WiFi api

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 5:22 am
by rfleming
Hi All,

I have been working the esp for a while now with c++ classes and have been able to create static helper functions to be able to define various callback functions from within the class itself. This is particularly helpful if I was to use multiple instances of the same class. One such example is the WiFi API. At this stage the event_handler "esp_event_handler_register" allows for a context variable to be passed through to be used by the function itself. I am hoping that the bluetooth related callback functions like "esp_bt_gap_register_callback" could include this same methodology.

In terms of my application I realise that it is not possible to actually have two devices opering at the WiFi hardware when written correctly, but I am hoping to use consistency throughout my application that allows for these "possibilities".