Problems porting Reliance Edge File System to ESP32 - No Persistence

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Problems porting Reliance Edge File System to ESP32 - No Persistence

Postby gunar.kroeger » Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:06 pm

I'm trying use the Reliance Edge library to a project I'm developing with ESP32, which is a fail-safe file system for SD cards.

I have found a GitHub project that ports the library to ESP32, but I'm having some issues trying to persist a written file.

My application is just initializing the port library, which initializes the file system. After that, I'm writing a .txt file and reading it right afterwards. The problem is that when I reprogram the board to just read those test files, I find out that they doesn't persist in the SD card when I try to just read the file written last time.

A section of my code is presented below:
  1.     test_setup(OPENFILES);
  2.     char *text = "Hello World!\r\n";
  3.     write_test(MOUNT_POINT "/hello.txt",text);
  4.     char *resp = read_test(MOUNT_POINT "/hello.txt");
Some more information about the code above:
  • "OPENFILES" is the max files I can open, defined as 4
  • "MOUNT_POINT" is another define ("/redflash")
  • "test_setup()" doesn't format the SD card at any moment
  • "write_test()" and "read_test()" are basically just "fwrite()" and "fread()" with appropriate "fclose()"
  • When I reprogram ESP, I comment lines 2 and 3 leaving just the reading section
The error occurs right after it tries to "fread()" a FILE pointer that is NULL by "fopen()".

I can provide more code and documentation if someone has any idea of what might be happening.

Thanks in advance!
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