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Postby gibson12345 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:37 am

Hey everyone,

Trying to investigate a bug I'm having using and I am getting this output and I'm unsure why. I've tried investigating into the python file itself but I'm a bit too unfamiliar with it to figure out what's going on. here is the output

Code: Select all

C:\esp\esp-idf\components\espcoredump>python -p COM5 dbg_corefile C:/Users/Lachlan/documents/talkiplay/sourcecode/build/sorucecode.elf v0.3-dev
Namespace(baud=115200, chip=u'auto', core=None, core_format='elf', debug=2, gdb=u'xtensa-esp32-elf-gdb', off=1114112, operation='dbg_corefile', port='COM5', prog='C:/Users/Lachlan/documents/talkiplay/sourcecode/build/sorucecode.elf', rom_elf='esp32_rom.elf', save_core=None)
ERROR:esptool script execution failed with err 2
WARNING:Failed to remove temp file 'c:\users\lachlan\appdata\local\temp\tmp5rbwjg' (13)!
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 1192, in <module>
  File "", line 1187, in main
  File "", line 904, in dbg_corefile
    loader = ESPCoreDumpFlashLoader(, port=args.port)
  File "", line 735, in __init__
    self.fcore = self._load_coredump(off)
  File "", line 768, in _load_coredump
    raise e
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['C:\\Users\\lachlan\\.espressif\\python_env\\idf4.0_py2.7_env\\Scripts\\python.exe', 'C:\\esp\\esp-idf\\components\\esptool_py\\esptool\\', u'-c', u'esp32', u'-p', 'COM5', u'read_flash', '1114112', '4', 'c:\\users\\lachlan\\appdata\\local\\temp\\tmp5rbwjg']' returned non-zero exit status 2
Any help would be much appreciated


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