ESP-IDF v4.0-beta1 has been released

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ESP-IDF v4.0-beta1 has been released

Postby ESP_Angus » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:06 am

Documentation for release v4.0-beta1 is available at ... 4.0-beta1/

ESP-IDF v4.0-beta1 is a prerelease of ESP-IDF v4.0, which is a major update for ESP-IDF v3.x.

ESP-IDF v4.0-beta1 is mostly compatible with apps written for ESP-IDF v3.x, but there are some breaking changes (please consult the list below) and removal of deprecated functionality which will require code changes when updating projects

The latest stable release of ESP-IDF is v3.3 at time of writing.

For full details, release notes, known issues, installation instructions, etc then please see the release page on GitHub: ... v4.0-beta1

Major New Features
  • Bluetooth: Added alternative BLE-only host stack - NimBLE. Reduced resource usage compared to Bluedroid (but no dual mode support).
  • Bluetooth: Added feature-rich ESP BLE Mesh stack (SIG Certified)
  • Build system: New CMake-based build system, including native Windows support (MSYS2 is no longer required). GNU Make build system from earlier ESP-IDF versions is still supported as a legacy build system.
  • ESP-TLS: Added support for server side SSL/TLS connection
  • Ethernet: Refactored ethernet support into new esp_eth component, added support for DM9051 standalone Ethernet interface
  • Flash Encryption: New "Development" mode allows unlimited serial flashing of encrypted flash during development
  • lwIP: Updated lwIP version from v2.0.3 to v2.1.2
  • New "ESP Local Control" feature to provide capability to control an ESP32 over Wi-Fi+HTTPS or BLE using protocomm messages
  • SPI Flash: New SPI flash driver includes support for storage on additional SPI flash chips, partitions on external SPI flash chips
  • SPIFFS: New host based image generator tool
  • SystemView based heap and log tracing
  • toolchain: New "IDF Tools" scripts and mechanism for installing toolchain for a specific ESP-IDF version
  • toolchain: Upgraded ESP32 toolchain to gcc 8.2.0 (esp32-2019r1 toolchain release)
  • toolchain: Upgraded libc to newlib version 3
  • VFS: New semihosting driver for outputting via JTAG debugger
  • Websocket: New Websocket client component
  • Wi-Fi: New Wi-Fi Provisioning Manager feature
  • Wi-Fi: Refactor and improve softAP power saving support
  • Wi-Fi: wpa_supplicant code is now open source as part of ESP-IDF

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