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Allocating RAM for extra components from RTC_NOINIT_ATTR or RTC_DATA_ATTR

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:16 pm
by mikkojaakkola
I'm using ESP-IDF 4.0 using CMake buildsystem and importing 3rd party code with CMakeList.txt that I've made for the source files. This allows me neatly update the files whenever they get updated. However, there is a small amount of data statically allocated in those files and I need to currently manually tag data structures with RTC_NOINIT_ATTR and RTC_DATA_ATTR to preserve the state between awake and deep-sleep.

Are there any compiler/linker options that would enable me to allocate all the memory in given component from RTC_* memory? I've failed to find any but I was wondering if anybody else has managed to find a way to do this.