OTA Update: Checksum Failed!

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OTA Update: Checksum Failed!

Postby omarcarteraa » Mon Sep 30, 2019 3:47 pm

I am trying to perform an OTA update, I initially created a mix between HTTPS client example and OTA examples provided, and it works as expected.

When I merge the OTA part to the project and try to perform the exact same OTA update using the same piece of code, credentials, endpoints, ... I get the error:
esp_image: Checksum failed. Calculated 0xb3 read 0xcd
I made sure that 0xcd is the correct checksum value for my .bin file, but the calculated value changes at every iteration.
After some debugging, we retrieved the data written on the flash OTA_1 partition and we found that some bytes (different each time) have the value 0x00 instead of their correct value.

Any one has an idea on how to solve this??

thank you

Partition Table:

A sample from the erroneous vs the correct .bin files:

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