AT Firmware: Connecting to AP

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AT Firmware: Connecting to AP

Postby ilczi246 » Fri Oct 04, 2019 12:00 pm


I'm using Esp32-WROOM-32 programmed with AT firmware:
AT version: - Jun 27 2019 05:39:23)
SDK version:v3.2-127-gddbce78
compile time:Jun 27 2019 12:08:01
Bin version:1.2.0(WROOM-32)

I'm able to connect to AP using AT+CWJAP="ssid","psswd" and it works fine. The problem is that I don't want send too often this command as it causes save to flash every time executed.
What I do now is:
- after start wait for message "WIFI CONNECTED WIFI GOT IP OK" (enabled option: connect to AP automatically on power-up) or check what returns "AT+CWJAP?" command
- command AT+CWJAP="ssid","psswd" is sent only when user changes ssid or password.

Is there a way to tell esp to (re)connect to AP without using AT+CWJAP="ssid","psswd"? As a workaround I'm reseting esp after some time if "AT+CWJAP?" returns no parameters.


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