Noise in the wave file playback using i2s

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Noise in the wave file playback using i2s

Postby chadpham75 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 8:03 am

Hi all,
I am using the example \esp-idf\examples\peripherals\i2s_adc_dac, and only execute part 4 to play back the example wave files, and the sound is great, there is no noise.

void example_i2s_init()
int i2s_num = EXAMPLE_I2S_NUM;
i2s_config_t i2s_config = {
.sample_rate = 16000,
.bits_per_sample = 16,
.communication_format = I2S_COMM_FORMAT_I2S_MSB,
.channel_format = EXAMPLE_I2S_FORMAT,
.intr_alloc_flags = 0,
.dma_buf_count = 2,
.dma_buf_len = 1024,
.use_apll = 1,
//install and start i2s driver
i2s_driver_install(i2s_num, &i2s_config, 0, NULL);
//init DAC pad
i2s_set_dac_mode(I2S_DAC_CHANNEL_RIGHT_EN); // maps to GPIO25 DAC Channel 1

When I tried my own sound, using the Audacity tool to create the wave file, and matching with original example wave file for the same i2s_init() function. My sound wave after the python conversion using the same script file, my wave file coming with noise so bad, and it is not clear.
Is there any suggestion or recommendation how to create the wave file so we can use the script file to create the less noise wave file for the better playback?

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