ESP-NOW & WIFI - Performance and Channel

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ESP-NOW & WIFI - Performance and Channel

Postby kwijibo007 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 2:46 am

I'm using ESP-Now to send data very quickly (in the millisecond range) from an ESP32 based sensor ("the master") to another ESP32 that drives a bunch of LEDs ("the slave"). It works amazingly well.

I'm now experementing with concurrently connecting "the master" ESP32 to Wi-fi in order to interact with it. There is no requirement to also have "the slave" connected to Wi-fi. For now I have hard coded the ESP-Now channel to match my Wi-fi AP's channel. The only way I can find to set the channel on "the slave" is to either create a softAP or also connect it to Wi-fi (which I have no need for), any attempt to send data via ESP-Now (with Wi-fi connected) silently fails without doing this. Without Wi-fi, I can send ESP-Now data on any channel without setting it on "the slave". All I do is esp_wifi_start() & esp_now_init().

I can send ESP-Now data when connected to Wi-fi (when "the slave" is softAP or connected to my AP) but performance is extremely poor. I have no way to quantify it except that without Wi-fi, there is no noticeable latency, with Wi-fi there is huge latency. Range is also greatly affected. Without Wi-fi ESP-Now works through several walls from one end of a house to another. With Wi-fi no data is received greater than 3 meters in the same room. I do not believe my issues are due to a congested channel. Without connecting to Wi-fi I can use the same channel without negative effect.

Is it known/expected that concurrent Wi-fi and ESP-Now has a performance/range hit? I suspect I'm only seeing this issue due to my data rate requirements.

Is there a way to force "the slave" to listen on a particular channel without creating a softAP or connecting it to the same Wi-fi? In my testing (and searching) esp_wifi_set_channel() does not work on "the slave" without a SoftAP. Why is it that it doesn't work when "the master" is connected to wifi but does when not (and using the exact same channel)?.



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