How to include a Custom Bin in the Flash ?

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How to include a Custom Bin in the Flash ?

Postby plusorc » Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:30 pm


I made a Custom NVS partition to include some sensitive data and used cmake to automate the process.
Things are working with some defects .

for example .. If I execute

Code: Select all flash monitor
All is done and the partition is built and flashed
but the problem is if I execute

Code: Select all menuconfig

the NVS partition is built and and also flashed to the chip .
What I want is a way so that the final " Build Flash" process of the IDF includes the Custom BIN I made
How to do that ?

Note: I'm not looking for a CMake commands or a script , I just want to know how to include my custom BIN in the
default Flash (upload) process of the IDF and I can take it from there .

In other words , How does the IDF includes all the BINs created(Bootloader/partition table/phy/nvs/other partitions)
in the final flash process ?

Thanks in advance

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