Increasing RTOS Tick Rate, >1000Hz

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Re: Increasing RTOS Tick Rate, >1000Hz

Postby spanky » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:01 am

One of the I2C devices is an MPU9250 that I'm trying to read very frequently, so this seems like an appropriate thread, although I'm happy to create a new one.

I tried implementing the new timer method from that documentation link and that is considerably simpler (thanks).

The main issue here is that although I can trigger a block of code to run regularly at 1ms intervals, I cant quite read the sensor in that time (although I certainly should be able to do that)

The timeout errors are a sort of side effect of this fast/intensive reading. I can split this off to another thread, but I think its all related.

Apparently the i2c timeout errors only happen when the display task is run on CORE_0. This has me baffled. This behavior is similar if I am running in a standard task or with the above timer implementations.
Display>>>CORE_0, Sensor/timer>>>CORE_0 ==> timeouts
Display>>>CORE_0, Sensor/timer>>>CORE_1 ==> timeouts
Display>>>CORE_1, Sensor/timer>>>CORE_0 ==> works
Display>>>CORE_1, Sensor/timer>>>CORE_1 ==> works

If you run either one of the two I2C buses only, do you still get timeouts?
No errors when only running one or the other. See the table above for more specifics when running both tasks.
If you run the I2C operations from a normal priority task (ie slower and with less accurate timing), do you still get timeouts?
Similar issues if I run the tasks without delays (see above). It appears that i2c_master_cmd_begin() allows a task switch, so my sensor loop is basically running as fast as it can:

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while(true) {
    value = readSensor(); //read from the I2C device on I2C_NUM_1
or, if its run as a timer, that read line is just wrapped in the callback:

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void timer_cb(void* arg) {
    value = readSensor(); //read from the I2C device on I2C_NUM_1
likewise, my display loop is pretty simple, but I can add a delay to slow it down (still with errors):

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while(true) {
    //This I2C write is generating most of the timeouts, but there are occasional timeouts on the sensor read
    UpdateDisplay(value); //write on I2C_NUM_0
    vTaskDelay(100 / portTICK_PERIOD_MS);
What IDF versions are you using?
The latest from github

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