reading EFUSE

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reading EFUSE

Postby egoncalves » Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:46 am


I'm trying to read the efuses and I can only read 192 bits.
When I try to read beyond that an error is thrown:

This is the code:

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    esp_err_t err;
    uint8_t dst_key[256];
    err = esp_efuse_read_block(EFUSE_BLK2, dst_key, 0/*offset_in_bits*/, 193/*size_bits*/ );
The error shown is:
E (32431) efuse: Range of data does not match the coding scheme
C:/eclipse-workspace-EG/anna_dispense_espfw/components/ctLOG/test/test_ctLOG.c:186:Testing EFUSE:FAIL: Expected 0 Was 5636
If I change the call to esp_efuse_read_block() to
err = esp_efuse_read_block(EFUSE_BLK2, dst_key, 0/*offset_in_bits*/, 192/*size_bits*/ );
All goes well.

Shouldn't it be possible to read 256 bits?

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Re: reading EFUSE

Postby WiFive » Fri Feb 07, 2020 10:09 am

If you have 3/4 coding scheme then only 192bits are available

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