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Multiple subprojects within one project

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:37 pm
by JadElClemens
Hey all,

I'm getting started with OTA updates and was wondering about workflows for building factory vs. production apps. Ideally I want my factory application to use a stripped-down set of the code written for my production app. In order to do this without muddling up the code with a ton of #ifdefs, I currently use two separate IDF projects. Say my project organization is as follows:

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PROJECT_DIR/ [Organizational folder for entire project/product]
-> FACTORY_APP_DIR/ [Holds code and other IDF project files for factory app]
-> PRODUCTION_APP_DIR/ [Holds code and other IDF project files for production app]
My only idea is to have a Makefile in PROJECT_DIR so that I can do "make factory" or "make ota (or production)" and have the targets pass the appropriate source dir to the -C argument of Is there a better method, perhaps a way to add these targets directly to