Blufi in Swift on IoS?

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Blufi in Swift on IoS?

Postby martinB » Mon Mar 30, 2020 11:00 am

Has anyone had any success in using Blufi to configure an ESP32 via an IoS app written in Swift?

We have an IoT project in production that requires a wifi configuration utility. I have implemented the ESP32 end successfully following the documentation and have an Android client application that works very successfully. We need to implement the same functionality for IoS and we already have an application written in Swift which we need to extend. I searched around and found this library on GitHub : - it builds, runs and finds the ESP32 sitting waiting to be configured, but it then crashes the ESP32 during the connection process - it seems to be trying to negotiate some security options that the ESP32 client does not like!

I really don't want to have to use the Objective C libraries on the iPhone - our app developers are only really familiar with Swift. I did a small amount of Objective C many years ago - for server side development - it was not much fun then and I really don't want to have to relearn it! Does anyone have any experience of driving Blufi from Swift? Any advice and/or sample code would be very gratefully received! :oops:



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