code generation for gatts_attr_db

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code generation for gatts_attr_db

Postby hansonite » Mon Mar 30, 2020 12:32 pm


currently I've to implement a esp_gatts_attr_db_t (service attr tab) with more than 100 attributes. You may understand that
coding that by hand is a lot of work, since we have the attributes specified in a spreadsheet.

The esp_gatts_attr_db_t is consumed by this function esp_err_tesp_ble_gatts_create_attr_tab ... _t7uint8_t

Do you know a tool which support the code generation of the gatts_attr_db with service, characteristics and characteristic values?

Any hint is appreciated !

Thanks & BR

Since nobody answered my question will I provide my solution.

I'm using Eclipse as IDE. In Eclipse you can create templates. So for every characteristic and descriptor code block did I create a template, which did speed up the development rapidly and also lowered the error rate.

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