ledc_set_freq generates a reboot

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ledc_set_freq generates a reboot

Postby egoncalves » Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:27 am


I'm calling this function:

err = ledc_set_freq(pPwmDarams->tConfig.speed_mode, pPwmDarams->tConfig.timer_num, freq);

with the values:

This generates a reboot of the ESP32. The backtrace can be found below.

Any ideas about what may be happening?


I (2467) ctPwm_SetFrequency:
ctPwm_SetFrequency() pPwmDarams->tConfig.speed_mode=0 pPwmDarams->tConfig.timer_num=3 freq=2000
abort() was called at PC 0x40082d92 on core 0

ELF file SHA256: f35e4698e3f163094013548f686ba4e936b354e9829c02365ab10acaff827004

Backtrace: 0x4008f5c9:0x3ffbb0f0 0x4008f941:0x3ffbb110 0x40082d92:0x3ffbb130 0x40082eb5:0x3ffbb160 0x4014e5d6:0x3ffbb180 0x40151605:0x3ffbb490 0x400824b1:0x3ffbb4c0 0x40133722:0x3ffbb510 0x400d867b:0x3ffbb540 0x400d8507:0x3ffbb570 0x400d5c80:0x3ffbb590 0x400d2a08:0x3ffbb5b0 0x40092561:0x3ffbb5d0

I (326) cpu_start: Pro cpu up.
I (326) cpu_start: Application information:
I (326) cpu_start: Project name: anna_measure_espfw
I (329) cpu_start: App version: batchTest-84-gcfdde3d-dirty

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