How can I increase wifi task stack size?

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How can I increase wifi task stack size?

Postby jsam589 » Mon May 11, 2020 7:50 pm

Task "wifi" is overflowing its stack sometimes and when I just checked the high water mark, it was 48 bytes (i.e. very close to stack overflow!). I am using v4.0 stable IDF. I don't see a CONFIG parameter to increase the stack for wifi. Although many other system tasks have adjustable sizes. Am I missing something?

I already have these increased parameters in sdkconfig.defaults:

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Console output

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2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, I, 10492, "wifi", "wifi firmware version: 581f422"
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, I, 10513, "wifi", "config NVS flash: enabled"
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, I, 10760, "wifi", "config nano formating: disabled"
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, I, 10763, "wifi", "Init dynamic tx buffer num: 32"
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, I, 10784, "wifi", "Init data frame dynamic rx buffer num: 32"
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, I, 10787, "wifi", "Init management frame dynamic rx buffer num: 32"
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, I, 10811, "wifi", "Init management short buffer num: 32"
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, I, 11007, "wifi", "Init static tx buffer num: 16"
Fsync/sizecheck log file on SPIFFS (every 10 messages)
Log_1 sz = 385124
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, I, 11011, "wifi", "Init static rx buffer size: 1600"
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, I, 11051, "wifi", "Init static rx buffer num: 10"
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, I, 11055, "wifi", "Init dynamic rx buffer num: 32"
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, D, 11079, "CA: WIFI", "Read SSID from NVS : [xxxxxx]"
2002-02-02T14:00:10+02:00, D, 11081, "CA: WIFI", "Read PWD from NVS : [xxxxxx]"
Prepare to start wifi
I (13293) phy: phy_version: 4180, cb3948e, Sep 12 2019, 16:39:13, 0, 0
2002-02-02T14:00:11+02:00, I, 11176, "wifi", "mode : sta (24:0a:c4:47:39:8c)"
2002-02-02T14:00:11+02:00, D, 11179, "system_event", "SYSTEM_EVENT_STA_START"
2002-02-02T14:00:11+02:00, D, 11184, "event", "running post WIFI_EVENT:2 with handler 0x4012b4d4 on loop 0x3ffdffa0"
0x4012b4d4: handle_sta_start at /home/senocal/Esp_Idf_Versions/4_0_stable/esp-idf/components/tcpip_adapter/event_handlers.c:140

2002-02-02T14:00:11+02:00, D, 11195, "event", "running post SYSTEM_EVENT:2 with handler 0x4012c4d8 on loop 0x3ffdffa0"
0x4012c4d8: esp_event_post_to_user at /home/senocal/Esp_Idf_Versions/4_0_stable/esp-idf/components/esp_event/event_loop_legacy.c:31

2002-02-02T14:00:11+02:00, D, 11205, "CA: WIFI", "appWifiEvtHdlr: SYSTEM_EVENT_STA_START"
2002-02-02T14:00:11+02:00, D, 11195, "CA: WIFI", "Wifi started - Waiting for EVENT GROUP TO BE RELEASED!"
***ERROR*** A stack overflow in task wifi has been detected.
abort() was called at PC 0x400955d0 on core 0

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