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need urgent help on ble mesh,regarding the oob

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 3:32 pm
by abansal22

I am new to the ble mesh. I am going though the server example ... erver/main.

in the provisioning structure I added the

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const uint8_t static_oob_val[] = {0x01};
esp_ble_mesh_prov_t provision = {
    .static_val = static_oob_val,
    .static_val_len = sizeof(static_oob_val),
    .uuid = dev_uuid,
    .output_size = 4,
    .output_actions = ESP_BLE_MESH_DISPLAY_STRING,
still both in the nrf mesh app and the esp ble mesh, the provision is done using the no oob method. How to authenticate the device using the differnt oob methods in the esp32?