Esp ble mesh help urgently

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Esp ble mesh help urgently

Postby abansal22 » Wed May 13, 2020 2:38 pm

I am new to the esp ble mesh. I am trying to implement the ... _server/ma the server model. I flash the code on the 2 esp dev kit v1, say node A and node B. Both the node is provisioned properly and bind the app key to all the six elements. all fine up to this point. Now I disconnect both of the nodes. After that I connect the to the node A and try to change the state of any element of node B, it change the state of that element but after that its become non responsive, and give the error "operation timed out". same is the case is when I connect to the node B and try to change the state of the elements of node A. Seems that, node can see the network but cant transmit the message to the desired node.
I am using dev kit v1 and esp idf 4.0
What I am missing here? Please help

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