Bluetooth AVRC volume control

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Bluetooth AVRC volume control

Postby benjavita » Thu May 14, 2020 8:48 am


Based on the A2DP_SINK example.

I'm having some issues with the esp_avrc_ct_send_passthrough_cmd to control the bluetooth device's sound volume.

It works with play/stop commands, e.g:

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esp_avrc_ct_send_passthrough_cmd(1, ESP_AVRC_PT_CMD_STOP, ESP_AVRC_PT_CMD_STATE_PRESSED);
but not for the volume:

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esp_avrc_ct_send_passthrough_cmd(1, ESP_AVRC_PT_CMD_VOL_UP, ESP_AVRC_PT_CMD_STATE_PRESSED);
I updated my project to IDF v4 (was on 3.3), but same result.

Also tried esp_avrc_ct_send_set_absolute_volume_cmd but it doesn't seem to work either....

Any ideas?


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