esp_mesh with platformio

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esp_mesh with platformio

Postby jackland » Fri May 22, 2020 9:55 am


I'm trying to use platformio to develop some code that uses esp_mesh. Sending messages from the root node to other nodes works fine, but sending to the root node always gives 4008 (ESP_ERROR_MESH_ARGUMENT).

I've tried -
err = esp_mesh_send(NULL,&data,0,NULL,0);
err = esp_mesh_send(NULL,&data,MESH_DATA_TODS,NULL,0);
err = esp_mesh_send(NULL,&data,MESH_DATA_P2P,NULL,0);
err = esp_mesh_send(&root_address,&data,MESH_DATA_TODS,NULL,0); // root address set by MESH_EVENT_ROOT_ADDRESS

Platformio is limited to version v4.0.1 of esp-idf. Should sending to root work with this version and, if so, how to I do it ?


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