iPerf Wi-Fi connectivity issues

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iPerf Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Postby S.M.NITNC » Thu Oct 08, 2020 2:49 am


I'm trying the iPerf example program.
I'm having trouble connecting to an AP in sta mode & booting in AP mode and trying to connect on another device.

1. 1. When connecting to AP in sta mode
I (41100) cmd_wifi: sta disconnect, reconnect ...
I (41220) wifi: new: <1,1>, old: <1,0>, ap: <255,255>, sta: <1,1>, prof: 1
I (41220) wifi: state: init-> auth (b0)
I (41240) wifi: state: auth-> assoc (0)
I (41260) wifi: state: assoc-> run (10)
I (45250) wifi: state: run-> init (fc0)
I (45260) wifi: new: <1,0>, old: <1,1>, ap: <255,255>, sta: <1,1>, prof: 1
I (45260) wifi: new: <1,0>, old: <1,0>, ap: <255,255>, sta: <1,1>, prof: 1

Loop this. You can connect as long as you do not set PW on the AP.

2. When trying to connect from another terminal in AP mode
You cannot connect if you set PW, but you can connect without PW.

Please help us with your consideration.

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