Send data to Internet over ESP-Mesh

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Send data to Internet over ESP-Mesh

Postby No-0n3 » Thu Nov 19, 2020 1:46 pm


I'm working on a project where I will be using ESP32. They will have sensors connected on a I2C bus and this data will be sent to a Google IoT Cloud account that I have. Each chipset have their own client at the moment. As I will use several units I will connect these together with ESP-Mesh. Have read as much I can in the documentation but there is nothing about how traffic that will go outside the Mesh-network can be transported and how to do that.

Can a Mesh-node connect to a node on the Internet through the Root-node over TLS (end-to-end) or do the Root-node have to become a collector that sends the data itself?

Thanks in advance!

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