802.11 QoS Frame Ack Policy

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802.11 QoS Frame Ack Policy

Postby rroor35 » Mon Jan 11, 2021 7:12 am

I am implementing wifi udp streaming for realt time voice codec transmission, and I am using wifi QoS (AC_VO) as suggested in the documentation. Looking for ESP32 transmission with external probe, I can see the ESP32 uses the 802.11 RTS/CTS when frames must be retransmitted to the AP. This scheme adds a lot of latency and I would like to test other methods. Is there a way to change the Ack Policy for a frame (or a whole AC) on ESP32 ??? Default Ack Policy is "Normal Ack" but 802.11 specified also "Block Ack" and "NoAck" policies ?

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