async analogRead

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async analogRead

Postby kendo55 » Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:13 am

in both adc ESP-IDF-exaples, ... ple_main.c
we have a sync read of the adc value.
and therefor we loss a lot of cpu time!

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r = adc2_get_raw( ADC2_EXAMPLE_CHANNEL, width, &read_raw);
do we have a way to start the conversion,
and then to polling or better, have a interrupt, if the conversion is done.

My research has shown there was an attempt at the "arduino-esp32" version (2017).
This has been removed in the meantime

My preferred solution would be, if we had a DMA supported adc.
Automatic continues adc (with cycle time, and number of chanels, as a parameters) via DMA. Independent from the CPU.
The only CPU time we use, is , to read the memory area that was written to by the DMA.
This is realised, on STM32 CPU's since about ten years!

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