WiFi Connection Manager using ESP-IDF framework?

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Re: WiFi Connection Manager using ESP-IDF framework?

Postby kolban » Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:18 am

Howdy Dean,
Nice post and thanks for taking the time to explain. Please be sure that you need never be alone in our world of ESP32. Whether rank newbie or battle scarred veteran, we see all kinds of members in the community. I too am a huge fan of both Mr Ilett and Mr Spiess. They have talents to engage and make everything seem achievable. It sounds like you are doing all the right things with your studies.

Your sins may be distinct from the ESP32 world you have entered here, but rest assured that I and many others are consumers of your services (as my wallet can attest). Even as we speak, we are erecting a 15x15 external "room" in the middle of my yard that will be a workshop. As soon as the walls were up, I had to pay for the services of an electrician to tap my household circuits and supply power, next an insulator to spray insulation foam over the interior (I'm in Texas), next air conditioning and finally dry wall to complete the job. All in all thousands of dollars left my bank account ... as I watched these experts at work, I realized that they earn their monies because I can't do their jobs. While all they are doing is lifting hammers and screwdrivers (which I can do), their value is in knowing when and what. Similarly, anyone can punch some keys, but knowing when and what is again the game.

I am quietly confident that if you keep scratching away, your skills will grow in leaps and bounds. I encourage you to make some notes of the questions you have today and come back in six months and you'll probably laugh and say "But of course!!". For example, if I said to you "You can set the signal high by calling digitalWrite(pin, HIGH)" ... you'll say "Yes ... and?" .... where on day 1 of Arduino you probably scratched your head in bewilderment.

Bottom line ... when you get stuck, don't stay stuck. Post your questions. The best questions are ones well worded which contain a description of what you tried and researched ... everyone has time to help those who are obviously trying to help themselves.
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Dean Greenhough
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Re: WiFi Connection Manager using ESP-IDF framework?

Postby Dean Greenhough » Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:52 pm


Why thank you for your enlightening reply.............

I am glad you know of Mr Ilett & Mrs Spiess work, of course why wouldn't you know them.

Your workshop is a nice size and I hope it will meet with your expectations. Will it be for electronics? Are you expanding?

I had the illusion that these forums would be very dry and technical, with little room for getting to know people. I'm delighted to be wrong and thank you for turning this first experience into a very warm welcome to the community.

Your time and words have made me realise that maybe it's time to talk and come out of my self imposed isolation.

Thank you for your wise kind words.

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