unresolved inclusion of stdint.h in "complex" folder structures (Eclipse)

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unresolved inclusion of stdint.h in "complex" folder structures (Eclipse)

Postby FlorianR » Tue Sep 14, 2021 9:06 am

i am new to the whole cMake concept and want to build a nice structured project.
I followed the example here:
https://docs.espressif.com/projects/esp ... le-project
and made a project that is written exactly like in the car example. But it doesn't work if I want to include for example car.h in the main.c ,also the most important thing for me is right now that I want to have <stdint.h> inside one of them and it cannot be found (unresolved inclusion of stdint.h). There is no problem of using it in the main.c :(

Lots of headache and hours already went into research and I still feel like I understand nothing ^^
Maybe someone can give me an explanation/link/example project or something so that I can continue programming :)
Best regards

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