Integrating esp-azure libaries

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Integrating esp-azure libaries

Postby djoshi » Wed Jan 19, 2022 10:42 pm


I am very new to ESP and I working on my first project, so i need some advice on setting it up.

I have installed the IDF using the esp-idf-tools-setup-online-2.12.exe

I am working on a project where it needs to communicate with Azure IoT hub so I am using esp-azure as my preference.

Do i need to install the SDK in any particular way?

There is folder called azure-iot-sdk-c @ 0528d52, which I believe is the official SDK from Microsoft. Where do we place this folder?

As there is folder called examples, with a project "iothub_client_sample_mqtt", which I need to follow, but there is not reference to this sdk or maybe I am wrong? Can pace the SDK inside my project folder?

Is it possible to receive messages using the direct method?

The example shows a static SAS token , is it possible to use tokens that expire after a while so a new one can be generated?

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