Stuck with Hello_World example

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Stuck with Hello_World example

Postby usinjin » Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:25 am

I'm fairly new to esp-idf. I believe I have my board set up correctly (ESP-WROOM-32), as I have successfully flashed several different programs to it. However, I cannot get idf-monitor to work for me. For simplicity's sake, I'm trying to get the Hello_World program to print to the monitor as shown in the tutorial. Everything seems to go fine, as I get this output after making it:

Code: Select all v2.1
Flashing binaries to serial port COM4 (app at offset 0x10000)... v2.1
Chip is ESP32D0WDQ6 (revision 0)
Uploading stub...
Running stub...
Stub running...
Configuring flash size...
Auto-detected Flash size: 4MB
Flash params set to 0x0220
Compressed 20608 bytes to 11504...
Wrote 20608 bytes (11504 compressed) at 0x00001000 in 1.0 seconds (effective 162.7 kbit/s)...
Hash of data verified.
Compressed 119712 bytes to 57091...
Wrote 119712 bytes (57091 compressed) at 0x00010000 in 5.0 seconds (effective 190.7 kbit/s)...
Hash of data verified.
Compressed 3072 bytes to 82...
Wrote 3072 bytes (82 compressed) at 0x00008000 in 0.0 seconds (effective 1571.7 kbit/s)...
Hash of data verified.

Hard resetting...
Then I do

Code: Select all

make monitor
and get:

Code: Select all

--- idf_monitor on COM4 115200 ---
--- Quit: Ctrl+] | Menu: Ctrl+T | Help: Ctrl+T followed by Ctrl+H ---
ets Jun  8 2016 00:22:57

waiting for download
But that's it. No part of the Hello_World program prints to the screen. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Stuck with Hello_World example

Postby ESP_Sprite » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:16 am

The output you get indicates GPIO0 is stuck low, meaning the ESP32 will always go into download mode. Can you see if that's the case on your hardware?

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Re: Stuck with Hello_World example

Postby Mozmallow » Thu Oct 03, 2019 1:23 pm

Hey did you solve this issue? I am also getting a similar message and my GPIO0 is not grounded.
What else can be wrong?

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