Smart Config issues...

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Smart Config issues...

Postby martinB » Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:39 am

Hi all,

I'm trying to use smart config to initialise my ESP32 based IoT devices and I'm hitting some strange problems. We have three wireless networks in the house - the main one is delivered through a TP-Link Archer C9 dual band router. This is supplemented by one delivered through a TP-Link MR3020 single band access point and there is a third sometimes turned on which is delivered through an old Netgear single band access point. They are on different SSIDs and all connected to the same LAN. Signal strength is good from all three in the place where I usually work.

The Archer C9 WLAN is my primary network - it is a modern device with beam-forming technology and delivers the best signal throughout the house. When I first started experimenting with smart config, I was working on that network and it simply didn't work at all - it hung at " sc: SC_STATUS_FINDING_CHANNEL" as others have reported here. Since there has been so many reports of this problem here, I simply gave up on smart config and started experimenting with one of the alternative solutions that relies on setting the ESP32 into AP mode.

Over the weekend, I was working on our boat and decided to have another go at smart config - it worked perfectly! This was on a network delivered through a TP-Link MR200 3G router. When I got back home, I tried it again on the primary house network - it failed again. I then switched my phone to the MR3020 based network and it worked perfectly. I switched the phone back to the Archer C9 based network, reset the ESP32 - and this time it worked fine. I have conducted many trial runs now and the pattern is this:

1) If the ESP32 has been powered down for more than a few minutes, smart config always fails on the Archer C9

2) Smart config always works on both the MR3020 and Netgear based WLANs

3) If smart config has been run successfully at least once on the MR3020 or Netgear, it will then work repeatedly on the TP-Link C9 with resets of the ESP32 in between

4) If smart config has been run successfully at least once on the MR3020 or Netgear, then the ESP32 can be powered down for several minutes and will still successfully run smart config to the C9 after it is powered up...

So, any suggestions? It is a much more elegant solution than dropping the ESP32 into AP mode and running a web service on it, but this is a product that I'm working on and I need a reliable solution!



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