How to disable WiFi in Esp-IDF?

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How to disable WiFi in Esp-IDF?

Postby peterlspot » Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:49 am


I want use esp32 for only BLE and BT purposes. Is it possible to totally disable Wifi and TCP/IP/SSL related stuffs from the build?

I built the Bluetooth samples with esp-idf 3.0 and then checked the output elf with esp toolchain, but it seems that wifi related stuffs still in the binary:

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$ xtensa-esp32-elf-nm build/ble_spp_server_demo.elf | fgrep -i wifi
4014e9f0 T bt_i2c_set_wifi_data
3ffc5ceb B bt_mode_wifibb
3ffcf928 B bt_wifi_chan_data
400eaf9c T btc_blufi_send_wifi_list
400eadbc t btc_blufi_wifi_conn_report
400870ec T coex_wifi_force_request
4008c8e8 T force_wifi_mode
3ffc5ccc B force_wifi_mode_on
4015bac4 t is_wifi_clk_peripheral
400874e0 T phy_force_wifi_chan
3ffc5cde B phy_force_wifi_chan_en
3ffc14f2 D phy_freq_wifi_only
4014f6a0 T phy_set_wifi_mode_only
40087438 T phy_unforce_wifi_chan
3ffc14f0 D phy_wifi_pll_track_en
3ffc1520 d rf_gain_swp_wifi
3ffc1538 d wifi_rx_gain_swp
40087598 T wifi_track_pll_cap
4014ef64 T write_wifi_chan_data
Does this mean that Bluetooth implementation requires some Wifi stuffs?

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Re: How to disable WiFi in Esp-IDF?

Postby JoaoLopesF » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:52 pm

Hi peterlspot,

Very good question, I too have projects only BLE and I too want binary without Wifi Stuffs

And I planned do OTA by BLE, if without WiFi stuffs, this is will more faster.

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