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How to secure SPP connection

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:08 am
by peterlspot
It seems that ESP SPP samples in v3.1dev by default are using ESP_SPP_SEC_NONE for security mode. For sample, this is fine. What if application needs to secure the access to ESP device? Are there any guides on this? For example, how can we prevent other devices' pairing to my ESP device?

In esp_spp_api.h there are ESP_SPP_SEC_* definitions but it is unclear how to use them.

It seems that can connect to the "spp_acceptor" ESP sample from Android client app using ESP_SPP_SEC_NONE or ESP_SPP_SEC_ENCTYPT mode, but not with ESP_SPP_SEC_MODE4_LEVEL4 mode. Is ESP_SPP_SEC_MODE4_LEVEL4 more secure?