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Mongoose OS

Postby snahmad75 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:50 pm


We are planning to move from esp32 SDK and free RTOS to Mongoose OS.
We are using mongoose web server currently. doing update with our own web pages using JS/angular ourselves. we push zip file via http post which trigger update of firmware and web files.

we know mongoose OS is not free. it is cheap. device management web application can be expensive.

We will consider it instead of writing ourselves. any drawback moving to Mongoose OS. I guess mongoose OS SDK another layer on on top on ESP-IDF SDK, but you can do anything you like. still full control.

kindly share your experience of moving from ESP-IDF SDK to mongoose OS.

Can we add our own custom web pages in device management website of mongoose OS? to configure our application specific things.


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