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Postby yanosz » Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:21 am

Hello folks,

esp-idf supports handling duplicates:
  • CONFIG_BLE_SCAN_DUPLICATE : This select enables parameters setting of BLE scan duplicate.
  • CONFIG_DUPLICATE_SCAN_CACHE_SIZE: Maximum number of devices which can be recorded in scan duplicate filter. When the maximum amount of device in the filter is reached, the cache will be refreshed.
  • CONFIG_BLE_MESH_SCAN_DUPLICATE_EN: This enables the BLE scan duplicate for special BLE Mesh scan
In my application ( ... /ble.c#L70) I want to receive duplicates to monitor the signal level over time. I'm worried, that duplicate detection may interfere with this. Unfortunately, the help-text seems to be rather brief.

Do you know:
  • If duplicate detection actually interferes?
  • If so: Is it possible, to set CONFIG_DUPLICATE_SCAN_CACHE_SIZE to 0?
  • What does CONFIG_BLE_MESH_SCAN_DUPLICATE_EN do? By intuition, monitoring link qualities is needed in a mesh.

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