NVS use in BLE

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NVS use in BLE

Postby Joan Daddle » Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:41 am

Hello, I need your help to find the exact location of the following problem:

I have two implementations of the same function. Connect a BLE Server, activate notifications, write to a Characteristic, get Notifications back.
One is implemented by using the API from N.Kolban (-> App_K), the other by using only the Espressife API (-> App_E).

Both App scan, connect well, but only the App_K gives back Notifications on a fresh HW. The App_E only works if before I run the App_K on the same HW and reflash to the App_E. So, if I onetime shot the App_K to the HW I can multiple times flash the App_E and all is working - up to the point I call nvs_flash_erase(); - after that a have to flash and run the connect/init sequence of App_K one time again.

The Source is mainly the gatt_client example.
Arduino IDE, v3.2-dev-39-gaaf12390, Adafruid ESP32 feather

So my questios are:
a) Which functions of BLE store and read the NVS?
b) How can I dump the NVC?

thx, regards

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