Silent Uart0 Logging

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Silent Uart0 Logging

Postby p.eltronix » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:35 pm

Hi All,

I've readed a lot of topics about the UART0 Bootloader and Logging output.
My target is to silent the UART0 Interface completely.

This is my workflow so far:

- Set GPIO15 permanently to low state.

In Menuconfig:

- Bootloader Config -> Bootloader Log Verbosity = No Output
- Component Config -> ESP32 Specific -> UART for Console output = None
- Component Config -> Log output -> Default Log Verbosity = No output

After reflashing the device the Bootloader Messages are gone. But some Bytes and strings are still there:

Code: Select all

cä¥FÄņ…d…¤ä<EOT>„¤„„äcÄbcä¥FÄ¥††„ÃÇäDÇÄÄææå$@„…Ƥ†¤§„æĦ„Ƨ„æçcÄbcä¥FÄ¥††„ÃÇä<EOT>„%<SOH>!„Ää„„„$„†d&æ<EOT><SOH>bƒFcƒ§Å‚¦ÄÄ„d憇€¤!¡…„†‡„„!Ä„„ÃÁ‡ @cÄbcä¥FÄ¥††„ÃÇä<EOT>„%<SOH>„„Ää„„¤!„†„ÃÁ‡à"@cÄbcä¥FƆ†„ÃÇä<EOT>„%<SOH>¤„Ää„„$!„†„d&æ<EOT>G<SOH>bƒFcƒ§Å‚ÆÅÄ„d憇€„„Æ ††‡„„¥ÆĦd&æD<SOH>bƒFcƒ§Å‚ÆŤ„£„…‡ ‡…„…¤„¤¤¤‡dƒFó<ESC>[0;32mI (98) cpu_start: Starting scheduler on PRO CPU.<ESC>[0m<CR><LF>
<ESC>[0;32mI (0) cpu_start: Starting scheduler on APP CPU.<ESC>[0m<CR><LF>
Any hints to get rig of these last few messages?

Thanks in advance

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