OTA update multiple bin files, only one URL

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OTA update multiple bin files, only one URL

Postby asweeney » Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:09 pm

Hello everyone,

First post here. I've been using ESP32 for a year now. I'm building a wifi enabled thermostat and heating control. I have a question about the OTA update sample files.

In the OTA README.md it says I can enter the URL in menuconfig under 'Example Configuration'. In my Example Configuration I see no such option. I have options for Wifi SSID, WiFi Password and two AWS IoT options only. I assume I can just enter the URL as a string instead of CONFIG_FIRMWARE_UPGRADE_URL in simple_ota_example.c ?

Also, running MAKE generates .bin, .elf and .map files for my app. How should I handle the OTA download for multiple files if I have just a single URL? I take it ESP32 will not do any unzipping :)

Many thanks to everyone!

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