ESP-Now: Maximum Peer Number

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ESP-Now: Maximum Peer Number

Postby alberto-g » Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:21 am

Hello, I'm trying to use ESP-Now with 10 encrypted peers, it should be possible according to ... ide_en.pdf

"Limited encrypted peers. 10 encrypted peers at the most are supported in Station
mode; 6 at the most in SoftAP or SoftAP + Station mode. "

I'm using WIFI_MODE_STA but can only add 6 peers.
In esp_now.h there is
#define ESP_NOW_MAX_ENCRYPT_PEER_NUM 6 /*!< Maximum number of ESPNOW encrypted peers */

I set it at 10 but I've got no success.

What should be done to overcome this limit? Ideally it would be better to even have a bigger number of peers, even 10 would be quite small and I see no reason for this. Is it a RAM issue?


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