AWS S3 Bucket /Signature V4

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AWS S3 Bucket /Signature V4

Postby JuergenD » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:23 pm

we are using the AWS Library, included in the esp-idf, which is working good for me, using MQTT. Additionally we have to pull some data through HTTPS from a S3 Bucket (which also works fine, followed by the OTA example).
Now the problem: the S3 Bucket must be public to get it work, this is not what we need.. We want to supply the files, hosted on our bucket non-private with Client authorisation.
So my approach is to add authentication information to AWS requests sent by HTTP which is Signature V4 (described in ... ion-4.html).
Has anybody still implemented signature V4 requests to be able to have non-public HTTP (read)-access for S3 Bucket and give me some hints or some snippets?

Thanks in advance

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